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  • No Show Policy: Our top priority is valuing you and your time, but we ask that you value ours too! If you cannot make your appointment, please call or email the salon as soon as you can. If you fail to show up for more than one appointment without notice, we reserve the right to refuse service and require a deposit to book in the future. We do require deposits prior to booking, on any service $100 or more.

  • Late Policy: Late happens! However, if you are later than 10 minutes from the start of your appointment (30 minute appointments) and 15 minutes from the start of your 45 plus minute appointment, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment.

  • De-Matting Fee: We all get tangled hair, no biggie! However, if you arrive with hair that is extremely matted,  we will charge a detangling fee of $1/minute to compensate our stylists.

  • Lice Policy: If you knowingly have lice or any other contagious condition that puts your stylist or other clients in a vulnerable position, please do not enter the salon and cancel your appointment. If we discover that you have lice upon your visit, we will have to immediately ask you to leave and begin decontamination measures. 

  • Consultations: If you are unsure of what you want or if your dream hair will fit the budget, we encourage you to book a consultation prior to your appointment! Our stylists are more than happy to discuss any ideas and give you more insight whenever they can


  • Refund policy: We have a zero refund policy. We do our best to ensure that the services performed are to your standard. We are happy to issue a salon-service credit for any refund but only at the discretion of management. If you are not happy with the service you have received you will be given the option of allowing your stylist to make any changes or another stylist may be available for the changes.

  • By booking your appointment online, calling, or in-person you acknowledge our zero refund policy.


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